Welcome to ACCRE

  • Bing Zhang's lab in Biomedical Informatics is applying novel bioinformatic analysis techniques to investigate interactions between signature proteins in colorectal cancer. (Zhang et al. Nature, 2014)
  • The Holley-Bockelmann Group in Physics and Astronomy is exploring galaxy dynamics and important events occurring during the formation of the Milky Way.
  • Clare McCabe's group in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is leveraging the computing power of graphics processing units at ACCRE to accelerate coarse-grained molecular dynamic simulations of lipid bilayers. (Gai et al. Journal of Chemical Physics, 2013)
  • The MASI Lab in the School of Engineering is using ACCRE to identify latent features that may improve the accuracy of early prognosis for recovery from traumatic brain injury.
  • The Meiler Lab in Chemistry uses ACCRE to predict the tertiary structure of membrane proteins from limited experimental data. Membrane proteins are important drug targets and drug discovery requires an improved understanding of their structures.
  • The Rokas Lab in Biological Sciences is performing genomic analyses to better understand genetic changes in complex metabolic networks. Image credit: J. Wisecaver and A. Rokas


. Vanderbilt Undergraduates Invited to Apply for the ACCRE Scholars Summer Program
. ACCRE Now Offering Training for Using Intel Xeon Phis on the Cluster
. Introducing ACCRE Software Pages
. ACCRE Staff Develop New Commands for Easier SLURM Usage

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