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Fill out the Request a Cluster Account form below. Answer the questions to the best of your ability, and if you are unsure about a question you can leave it blank.

If you don’t see your group listed on the form, ask your PI to set one up using the instructions here.

If you already have a cluster account but would like to join another group, please open a helpdesk request instead.

Please allow a few business days for your PI or his/her designees to approve your account.


Full Name*

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Email* (Provide the email address you most often use. This is used in our helpdesk system. If you attempt to request support with an email address other than the one entered here, your request won't be accepted by the system.)



What is your primary area of research?*

What is the primary application you will use on the cluster?*

What is the name of the application?

Is your application serial or parallel?

If parallel, how many processors are typically required per job?

How many jobs do you anticipate running at a time?*

What is your level of Linux experience?*

What compilers and/or languages will you be using?

What external libraries will you need?

Will you be using DORS (if unsure select No)?*

Other Useful Information:

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