ACCRE Software

The research software products listed below are some of the tools installed on the ACCRE cluster (for a full list type “pkginfo” while logged in to the cluster). Details about the product, the vendor, availability of the software at VU, and support can be found by clicking on the software name.

Name Version Category Application
ATLAS 3.8.4 Linear Algebra Community (Active)
Boost 1.51.0; 1.53.0 C++ Libraries Community (Limited)
CMake Build System Community (Active)
CUDA 4.0 GPU computing Vendor
DAKOTA 5.1 Analysis Toolkit Community (Active)
DDT 3.1 Debugging Tool Vendor
FFTW 2.1.5; 3.3.0 Numerical Library Community (Limited)
FSA-BLAST 1.05 Sequence Alignment Search Tool Community (Limited)
GCC 4.6; 4.9 Compiler (Fortran and C/C++) Community (Active)
Git 1.8.3 Version Control Community (Active)
GSL 1.15 Numerical Library Community (Active)
HOOMD-Blue 0.10.1 GPU Molecular Dynamics Simulator Community (Active)
Intel Compiler 12.0.6; 2013 Compiler (Fortran and C/C++) Vendor
Java 1.6; 1.7 Software Development Kit Community (Active)
LAPACK 3.3.1 Linear Algebra Community (Limited)
LAMMPS 21 March 2012 Molecular Dynamics Simulator Community (Active)
MATLAB 2012a; 2013a; 2014a Technical Computing Vendor
MPICH2 1.4.1 Message Passing Library Community (Active)
MySQL 5.5.24 Database Tool Community (Limited)
Octave 3.4.3 Technical Computing (MATLAB emulator) Community (Active)
OpenMPI 1.4.4 Message Passing Library Community (Active)
Perl 5.14.2 Scripting Language Community (Active)
Python 2.7; 3.2 Programming/Scripting Language Community (Active)
R 2.14.0 Statistical Analysis/Computing Community (Active)
Ruby 2.0.0; 2.1.1 Programming Language Community (Active)
SAS 9.3 Statistical Analysis Vendor
ScaLAPACK 2.0 Linear Algebra Community (Limited)
Subversion 1.7.9 Version Control Community (Active)


Support Type
Community (Active) There is an active User Community which supports the product.
Community (Limited) There is a User Community for the product, but it is not actively supported.
Vendor Users should contact vendor for expert assistance
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