Pricing Summary

FY2018 Pricing of ACCRE Services effective July 1, 2017


ACCRE Pricing for FY2018 is listed below.

As researchers are aware, the price of ACCRE services has always been subsidized by VU and VUMC. The subsidy of ACCRE services is continuing and will now be done on a per unit basis for each ACCRE service offered.

Each ACCRE service listed shows the Research Price and the Full Price. Research groups will continue to pay the Research Price, which is the subsidized rate. For example, the Research Price for the cluster support fee continues to be $480 per server per year. The Full Price for the cluster support fee is $1,070 per server per year. The difference between those prices of $590 per server per year will be paid for by VU and VUMC respectively. All services will continue to be billed on a monthly basis.

The former ACCRE Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been updated and are now called ACCRE Service Agreements (SAs). These forms can be found by clicking here.

Service* Research Price** ($) Full Price** ($)
Cluster Support Fee (per node) 480 1070
Cluster Use Fee (per core) 84 128
GPFS Filesystem Quota (per TB), /data 204 317
GPFS Filesystem Quota (per TB), /scratch 150 235
Custom Gateway, Basic (per server) 840 1873
Custom Gateway, Intermediate (per server) 960 2140
Custom Gateway, Complex (per server) 1080 2408
Tape Backups (per TB), Internal Server 180 254
Tape Backups (per TB), External Server 336 481

* Service use payments based on a fiscal year commitment billed monthly
** All prices listed on a per year basis

Cluster Fairshare (Support vs. Use Fees)
  • Per node service support fee payments require upfront purchase of cluster servers (i.e. compute nodes) approved and ordered by ACCRE but paid for directly by research group plus monthly support fee payments.
  • Per node fairshare is equal to the number of CPU cores in the purchased hardware, and is applicable for the duration of the purchased hardware warranty. Current compute nodes (as of October 2016) contain sixteen CPU cores.
  • Fairshare is ACCRE’s computing “currency” for groups on the cluster. One CPU core of fairshare equates to 24 hours of CPU time over the course of a day, or 365 * 24 = 8760 CPU hours per year. More information about fairshare can be found here.
  • A group’s bursting capacity is generally well above (by a factor of 5 – 20) its group fairshare. In other words, a group paying support fees on sixteen CPU cores may be allowed to burst up to several hundred CPU cores on the cluster at any given time, with the idea being that the group’s average usage over the course of several weeks or months should be roughly equal to that of the group’s fairshare.
  • Use fees can be paid for computing on a per-CPU-core basis. This does not require the purchase of hardware upfront, but does require a minimum of a seven month commitment.
GPFS Filesystem Quota
  • GPFS is filesystem software used for achieving high-performance I/O on the cluster. Technical details can be found here.
  • /data: files in /data are backed up nightly. If a group requires additional storage, ACCRE recommends purchasing it on /data.
  • /scratch: files in /scratch are not backed up.
Custom Gateways
  • Custom gateways require upfront purchase of server approved and ordered by ACCRE but paid for directly by research group plus monthly gateway support fee payments. Click here for more information on custom gateways.
  • Depending on the needs or requirements (i.e. the support burden) of a group’s custom gateway, it may be classified as either basic, intermediate, or complex. Please refer to the customer gateway service agreement for more specifics.
  • 10 GbE external and/or internal connections are also available for $10 each per month ($120 each per year).
Tape Backup Services
  • Tape backups are available for both internal (on ACCRE network, typically for customer gateway servers) and external (i.e. not on ACCRE network; e.g. a server or workstation in a group’s lab space) servers.

Click here to fill out the appropriate service agreement (SA) for one of the services above. You will be asked to provide a center number that can be billed through the VU-C.O.R.E.S. system. If your center number is not in VU-C.O.R.E.S., it can be added in two ways:

1. If it is a VU Cost Center then the PI needs to request their Department Administrator (in the VU-C.O.R.E.S. system) to enter their cost center. If there is ever confusion as to who this is, please email

2. If you have a VUMC Cost Center, click here to complete a form that will allow you to get the center number imported into VU-C.O.R.E.S. VU-C.O.R.E.S. will email you back notifying you when your request has been completed.

Note that ACCRE cannot bill center numbers through VUMC-C.O.R.E.S.

Please email ACCRE Administration if you have pricing questions.

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