Request an Account

Accounts are available for researchers at or affiliated with Vanderbilt University.

Please select the correct option and then complete the form. If you are unsure whether you belong to an existing group, please follow the link below and browse the groups. Groups that do not exist on the cluster may request access as a guest group to try out the cluster environment. OSG users request an account from the grid policy page.

Please note that the Request An Account forms have many questions to help us better meet your needs and expectations. Answer these questions to the best of your ability. If you are unsure what a certain question is asking, you can just leave it blank. Please allow several business days for the account approval process to be completed. Note that the account manager (usually the PI) must approve your request once its submitted. ACCRE staff will follow-up with the account manager to ensure this occurs in a timely manner.

Please click here to request an ACCRE account.

Training Restrictions on New Accounts

For continued use of the cluster, all new users are required to attend the ACCRE Cluster Computing Classes within the first two months of opening their accounts. These classes cover introductory topics on the use of the cluster. See the training pages to review the requirements. A reminder of this is included in the introductory e-mail which is automatically sent to you when we create your account. However, if classes are currently in session you do not have to wait for your account to be opened to attend.

Please note that if you have trouble using your account and need support assistance, we may require that you attend the class within the first month of opening your account to continue to receive support assistance via Request Tracker.

Current Contact Information Required of all Users

Anyone with an ACCRE cluster account must notify ACCRE via a helpdesk ticket when there are changes to their contact information. Since helpdesk usage requires an email address, if your email address is changing please send ACCRE your new email address in advance of the old email address being discontinued. Users without a correct email address on file with ACCRE may have their accounts suspended or closed.

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