The mission of ACCRE Education and Outreach is to enable the widespread application of High Performance Computing methods to research across Vanderbilt. This mission is being accomplished by communicating to all investigators the ability of the resource to transform research capabilities and productivity and by providing the expertise and staff necessary to facilitate its use.

We roughly catagorize and attempt to reach four types of investigators:

  1. Investigators already using ACCRE for High Performance Computing as part of their research for whom we have many avenues of assistance and training, including classes and one-on-contact. We also provide letters of support and text describing the cluster resource for use in research and/or educational grant proposals using the ACCRE facility.
  2. Investigators wanting to use High Performance Computing who are not aware of the capabilities of the ACCRE facility.
  3. Investigators already using small internal computer clusters or clusters on other sites who are not aware how the ACCRE facility can be used to supplement or become the major resource for their computing needs.
  4. Investigators not yet aware that High Performance Computing can benefit their research.

The material covered in our ACCRE cluster computing classes includes general computing knowledge that researchers who do not intend to use the cluster may also find useful. We invite anyone on campus to attend.

If you are faculty interested in learning more about the ACCRE facility and whether High Performance Computing or our storage capabilities can benefit your research or educational programs, or can benefit others in your department, we would be glad to meet with you or a group of interested parties. We are also available to give short seminars about ACCRE as well as presentations in the lab or classroom setting. Please feel free to contact ACCRE Administration if you would like to speak to us about what ACCRE can provide.

Components of ACCRE Education and Outreach
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