Helpdesk Request (cluster)

If you are reporting issues related to tape backup and restore, please use this form.

If you are reporting issues related to CMS-HI (High Energy Physics), please use this form.

We ask that you first peruse the FAQ page and the other User Support pages in the menubar at left before submitting a help request.

If you have an ACCRE account (cluster or storage) and are experiencing difficulties with any ACCRE Services, or if you just have a comment you would like to pass on, please complete the following form. Your request / comments will be forwarded to ACCRE Staff for review.

If you do not have an ACCRE account and have a general inquiry about our services or would like someone to contact you, please feel free to contact us.

Note: If you don’t receive a confirmation email after you submit this form, we don’t have your ticket. If you have trouble with this form, please contact us immediately using our alternate form.

 No confidential, export controlled, or proprietary information is allowed in any ACCRE Request Tracker help tickets.

All tickets are acknowledged on the same day if during business hours or the next day if after hours. If this is an urgent issue that is impacting ALL ACCRE users AND you will be online for the next two hours to work with the ACCRE staff person, please click here to open a Rush ticket, which will notify an ACCRE staff member immediately (even in the middle of the night).

If you are a collaborator of an ACCRE user but do not have a VUNetID, please contact John McCammon ( in VUIT to request a special sourced VUNetID.

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