ACCRE Scholars Summer Program

Vanderbilt undergraduate students are invited to apply for the 2017 ACCRE Scholars summer program. The program includes a $5000 stipend for ten weeks (May 29 – August 4, 2017) of immersive computational research on ACCRE cluster resources.

ACCRE staff maintain and administer a Linux cluster consisting of >6,000 processor cores and >4 petabytes of disk storage on a 24/7 basis. In addition, ACCRE recently received funding from the university to build and administer a cluster optimized for Big Data analysis (using tools from the Hadoop ecosystem like Spark, Hbase, MapReduce, Hive, etc. These tools are widely used by data scientists and analysts at large technology companies worldwide). ACCRE Scholar participants will be among the first researchers at Vanderbilt to explore leveraging this new environment to enable bigger and better research. ACCRE Scholars participants may run in either the traditional ACCRE environment or the new Big Data cluster.

The ACCRE Scholars summer program will be run through the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program (VUSRP). Applicants should identify a faculty mentor who will guide the research being conducted. It is expected that each scholar will work closely with a junior mentor in the faculty member’s lab. ACCRE Scholars will participate in normal VUSRP programs but will also meet regularly with ACCRE staff for the following:

  • Leading and participating in demonstrations of cluster tools
  • Testing and running software in the two cluster environments
  • Sharing experiences, tips, and ongoing challenges
  • Fostering collaboration between different projects

Vanderbilt undergraduate students should apply for the ACCRE Scholars program through the VUSRP ( In your application, please indicate whether you are interested in using the traditional and/or Big Data cluster at ACCRE and provide a justification for your selection. Applications should be submitted by 4pm on Friday, February 17, 2017!

Questions about the ACCRE Scholars should be directed to, while general questions about VUSRP should go to

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