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Ken Galloway

Tim Holman
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Robert Weller
What design strategies improve the reliability of electronics that must work in the harsh environment of space?The Institute for Space and Defense Electronics is dedicated to the study of the effects of radiation on electronic devices and integrated circuits and to providing solutions that increase the reliability of systems in harsh radiation environments. Simulation at the fundamental, physical level is often necessary to identify and characterize electronic devices’ response to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. In many cases, large numbers of simulations are required to characterize or optimize an electronic device fully. For circuit level effects, multiple simulations may be employed over a range of circuit, device, or environmental conditions depending on the purpose of the study. In either case, due to the quantity of simulations required for adequate characterization, running them on a single computer may be prohibitively time-consuming. In such cases, the ACCRE cluster will be used to run many of the simulation instances in parallel. Efforts are underway to paralellize some of the current numerical solvers that are the foundation of the simulation tools used in the group.
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