Detailed information about moving a group from /data to DORS

A new disk storage device called DORS is now mounted on ACCRE via collaboration between the Center for Structural Biology, the VUMC Office of Research, VUIT and ACCRE.

The DORS system uses DataDirect Networks hardware specified and purchased by Jarrod Smith’s NIH S10 grant.  DORS storage is accessible to users from their labs via either CNFS or CIFS and accessible to the ACCRE cluster via native GPFS protocols.  DORS is a GPFS-based system and is similar to ACCRE’s /data partition, including nightly backups of DORS to tape managed by CSB and VUIT.

Groups have the option to test this new system before they are migrated from /data to DORS.  Because this new S10 NIH option is now available, ACCRE will not be expanding the /data filesystem for NIH users and over time, hardware assigned to /data will be migrated to /scratch, which meets a different user need than either ACCRE’s /data or DORS.

ACCRE cannot accommodate any quota increases on either the /data or /scratch partition until after more groups migrate from /data to DORS so that /data hardware can be repurposed as /scratch hardware.  This migration has the benefit that DORS has expansion disk space immediately available and ACCRE /data does not.  

In addition, DORS will initially cost no more than the price of /data or $480 per TB per year.   As adoption of DORS increases, DORS pricing is expected to decrease.

Please open an RT ticket to request testing or migration to DORS.

DORS Service Agreement Form:  DORS-SAForm Pdf_icon


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