Software Installation Policies

1. Commitment to research involves a commitment to keep software up to date by both end users and ACCRE staff.

2. End users should become reasonably familiar with the software they use. If it is open source, end users should know how to compile, install and maintain their software.

3. ACCRE staff are responsible for ensuring that failure in software installed either by end users of ACCRE staff is not caused by the normal operation of the cluster. Prima Facie evidence that the cluster is not the problem is exit_status=0 from the scheduler. There may be other indicators. All of these indicators should be in a FAQ entry.

4. ACCRE staff will develop a FAQ entry for the most common software installs to include R, perl, python and ruby.

5. End users needing to compile and install software must make a good faith effort to install it locally themselves.

6. End users needing to compile and install software should be required to meet with Will French in the compiling class. Moreover, ACCRE staff may ask end users to come to ACCRE offices where the staff may assist end users at particular problem points in the download, compile and install process.

7. PI’s may be asked to pay ACCRE staff time and support for software compiled and installed for a single user or group.

8. If it is recognized that some set of software is, or will be, widely used by the research community, the ACCRE staff should be responsible for installing and maintaining that set.

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